Welcome and First Post!

Hello and thank-you for stopping by my page!  I’m Ryan and as of this writing I am a hopeful future candidate for a path into paramedicine.

In a future post, I will go into a little more detail about who I am and my story into why I want to be a paramedic, but for now I will try to paint a picture of what I want to do with this website.

I’m looking to do a career shift and plan to apply to colleges early next year to be admitted into a paramedic program here in Ontario, Canada.  To date, I’ve been working on a number of fronts to prepare myself for my application – I’ve been organizing my finances to give myself a leg-up to return to school, I’ve been exercising to prepare my body for the job, and I’m currently taking a distance education course to get the biology credit I need to satisfy most school’s program pre-requisites.

While there is some element of vanity in this, I think this site would be a great opportunity to chronicle my journey.  I think writing about the things I do professionally and learn along the way will not only help me become a better paramedic, but it might also help educate and inspire others along their journeys.  I’m a student at heart and I love to share the things I learn along the way.  Despite my baser instincts towards laziness, I think this site might help push me to work a little harder.

I hope you find value in this passion project of mine, and maybe we can learn and laugh along the way.  For now, let’s just see if I can put some momentum on this beast.

Stay Awesome,


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