Progress Update

Given that it’s the summer and I’m on vacation from work, I thought I’d take it easy this week and post light with an update on my progress so far.

I successfully completed the biology preparatory course that gives me the pre-requisite credit to apply to most paramedic programs in the province.  I completed the course with a 93%, which I am more than happy with.  As a reward, I will be ordering myself this Littmann stethoscope.

My fitness progress has not been as successful.  Towards the end of my work contract (May-June), I had a lot on my plate, which I responded to by lowering fitness as a priority.  As a result, my weight-loss has stalled a bit, as has my strength in the gym.  I will be heading to Scotland this week for two weeks, which will keep me out of the gym for a little bit longer, but I’m hoping to make up for that with all the walking we will be doing as we visit.  My goal was to drop to 275lbs by the time I left for my trip, so we’ll say that goal has been busted (I’m currently sitting around 295-297lbs).

Otherwise, there is no other news to report on.  When I return, I’ll start trying to narrow down schools that I would like to apply to and ensure all of my supplementary application materials are in order.

Stay Awesome!


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