Blog – Break Week

I’ve finally hit week 8 for the course I’m teaching!  At the college I work at, many of the schools have adopted a 7:1:7 model of course delivery, including the School of Liberal Studies.  This means that the 15-week term is broken down into two seven week blocks and a break week in the middle.  It’s like a traditional reading week, except it’s a free pass for students.  They get a week to recharge, catch up, or enjoy a lull in their workload.  While this usually elicits a “kids these days” shake of the fist from people, I fully support the break week.  Many students are first-generation college kids, meaning they are coming from families that may or may not have had the academic support to help them through school.  The transition to college is a big leap, so a break week helps ensure the students have the support they need to succeed.  I prefer to set my students up for success, than to wear them down through a war of attrition.

This also means that I don’t teach this week, and *I* get a break, too!  As you’ve been reading the last few weeks, a break is exactly what I need.  This will give me a chance to prep, mark and feel slightly less pressure during the week.  This also means that I might *gasp* actually get out to the gym this week.  No promises, though.  But, here’s hoping…

Stay Awesome,



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