Sleep Check-in

February came to a close last week, which completed another full month of tracking my sleep.  This post builds on my observations made about January.

At the end of February, here’s where I stood:

8/28 days I hit 7 hours of sleep or more.  If it were a batting average, I’d be golden.

Eight days out of twenty-eight is still pretty terrible, but it’s a 100% improvement over January’s numbers.  I never expected to make an overnight change towards better sleep, so this kind of result is above my expectations while still giving me room to clearly improve.

I track the results in my notebook as binary entries – either I sleep 7 hours according to my Fitbit or I do not.  Here’s a snapshot of what some of these nights looked like last week:

February 22nd was a day I called in sick and went back to sleep (I was legitimately ill, not just sleepy).

As you can see, I’m often just barely missing my deadlines because I’m a restless sleeper.  Nevertheless, I know of some various steps to explore to see if I can claim a few more nights of sleep, such as a more strict bedtime routine and possibly kicking the dog out of the bedroom at night (we spoil him rotten).

Subjectively, this is the best I’ve felt in a while.  Rising before 6:30am is getting easier, I feel less groggy in the morning, I’m more motivated and active, I feel like I need less coffee to function, and most importantly my mood has lifted a bit.  The morning exercise is probably also helping with my affect.

I’m looking forward to March’s numbers.  I’ll keep you posted.

Stay Awesome,


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